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80’s Neon Trend Is Back Again!!

 Are you one of those, who are afraid of stepping in to the world of neon even knowing that it’s the super trend of this summer? Then don’t hesitate anymore… Whether you are a woman or a man you always can play with these vibrant colors to give a touch of creativity and dynamism to your outfit.


Hey pretty Ladies;if you are not yet ready to get wrapped up in totally flashy and bright colours just take it slow.Never ever forget that accessories are a real make over. Start with a thin neon belt, earrings, a necklace, a few bangles, a sling bag, a scarf or a pair of heels. Just mix these flashy neon accessories with your plain outfit for a glamorous look. But make sure that your accessories are simple and classic to give a different touch. The easiest way to embrace neon into your outfit is through accessories.

As soon as your confidence builds up and you are comfortable in these colours, you can try adding a large piece in to your outfit like a top, a skirt or a pair of Colored jeans.You may also combine them with neutral colors for a more toned down look.Try adding neutral colors for the rest of the outfit, like white, black, brown or beige. This will make you comfortable wearing neon as well as it will spice up your boring outfit.2

Why not going for a neon dress with a black coat or a neon skirt with a beige top. Vice versa a black dress with neon coat. And also for an ethnic look you can dress up with a neon saree and a black jacket or if you’re a lady who is bold enough to go neon on neon, a neon saree and a neon jacket will make you outstanding.3

Stunning ladies, keep in mind to hide what you don’t like and highlight your strengths. If you want to take a more serious tone in your dress, you can go for bright shoes or accessories.

Don’t’ get disappointed Gents of style…you too can rock your clothing with neon! It’s true that you cannot go for lot of variations like the beauties but, you can play with some neon pieces like shoes, bags, watches, belts, shades frames and also phone covers!4

Wear a pair of vibrant sneakers with your neutral outfit. Or you can even spice up your neon tee with a contrast dark blazer. And don’t forget that you always can polish your look with a dashing wrist watch, a pair of neon framed sunglasses or an eye catching phone cover.5

So, fashionable ladies and gents….the wait is over!! Shake off your coyness and be bold enough to grab this season’s fashion statement…

“A touch of neon and a totally new look…”

Written By :
Nuwangi Silva



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