Arapaima Whale Watching Tour 2016

100 Lucky NOLIMIT Arapaima Loyalty Card Members Rewarded with a Memorable Whale Watching Tour with their partner

19th December 2016. Colombo, Sri Lanka: Leading Sri Lankan Fashion Chain, NOLIMIT, concluded its Annual Grand Promotion for the year 2016, with 100 lucky Arapaima Loyalty members and their companions being rewarded with a dolphin and whale watching tour. The tour was organized as a reward for the cardholders’ loyalty to NOLIMIT while winners were selected through a raffle draw. The tour was conducted in Galle during the early hours of the day and the selected Arapaima Card members were able to witness multiple sightings of the largest mammal on earth, at close quarters.


NOLIMIT’s Annual Promotion is one that is anticipated by its loyal customers each year and has been known for its innovative prizes and vibrant promotions. Over the previous years, NOLIMIT has rewarded its considerable customer base with hot air balloon rides, fully paid family weekend stays at luxury hotels, sea cruises, overseas holiday tours to Malaysia and Thailand and much more.


For Mr. Radsm Ranasinghe from Kottawa, the whale watching tour was one of the highlights of his year. “I have been a customer at NOLIMIT for many years and was delighted to hear that I was one of the chosen winners from the raffle draw! It was truly an experience like no other to see these wonderful creatures up close and a memory that I will not forget. If not for NOLIMIT, I would not have been privy to such a memorable experience,” commented Mr. Ranasinghe.


This year’s promotion also garnered an overwhelming response from Arapaima loyalty customers. A large number of shoppers tried their luck with the raffle promotion which was held from 15 September to 31 October 2016. Cardholders who purchased items for more than Rs. 3,000 were eligible for the raffle draw and 100 lucky customers with their partners were selected as winners of this year’s promotion.


Mr. Rustom Praesoody who had shopped at NOLIMIT Kandy, was also one of this year’s winners and was exhilarated about the outing which concluded recently. “Thank you to NOLIMIT for the wonderful opportunity to go on a whale watching tour and for the well-organized trip. My family and I were thrilled to see whales at such close proximity and this was the first time we had experienced such a magnificent sight,” enthused Mr. Traesoody.


Launched in 2003, Arapaima is NOLIMIT’s Loyalty Card and has grown to have a large and loyal customer base. The Arapaima card can be used when purchasing from NOLIMIT, GLITZ, Pallu and Y PAY MORE and cardholders have the opportunity of adding and redeeming points on purchases and benefiting from exclusive discounts and offers at all these outlets island wide.w34 w33 w32 w31 w30 w29 w28 w27 w26 w25 w24 w23 w22 w21 w20 w19 w18 w17 w16 w15 w14 w13 w12 w11 w10 w9 w8 w7 w6 w5 w4 w3 w2 w1w35 w36 w37 w38 w39 w40 w41



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