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Judge A Man By His Shoes

ArticleImage_DressCasualShoesWe spoke about the right shoe for women office wear. Well, now it’s the time for all the gentlemen out there!… It’s the shoes, really, that make the man, that a basic tip you would had learn it when you faced your first interview. Up to that point, shoes probably didn’t mean much, isn’t it? But in the business world, whether you’re at the office or a work function, the shoes are just as important as the outfit. So let’s have a look at some expert tips on choosing the right men’s business shoes.

The very first fact to consider about the shoe is the material; shoe can be in leather, synthetic leather or a combination of both. Genuine leathery pair can be expensive and durable than a synthetic pair, but your choices can vary according to your (1)

When it comes to types of shoes, “Oxford shoes”are the most classic men’s business shoes and considered more formal which are worn for meetings with executives and clients and also an ideal pair for interview too. They come in many different fabrics, colors and styles that you can choose the between Plain styles, cap-toe, wingtip or other extra stitching that adds variety and detail according to your taste. Apart from the classic style, there are many more other styles available, such as the “Monk Straps, Derby and slip on”. The pattern of these shoes varies but all of it is a perfect piece for your office wardrobe.

We spoke on what type and style that suits the office attire, how about the colours? Just make it simple. Black shoes can be worn with a dark suit, while brown shoes can be worn with beige, brown or light-colored suit.One more thing, be sure that you match your shoes to your belt and the general color of your suit: 

Finally after spending your time and money, it’s really important to know how to care your shoes.shoe-care-how-to-look-after-barkers

Proper care for the shoe is the key to the best look. Let’s have a look at some of the best tips to preserve your shoes for a longer period

  • Store them with shoetrees to maintain the shape shoe.
  • Polishing shoes regularly will keep them clean and “as new as a day”. Not only could that having a polished shoe symbolize that you are well concern about your appearance as well as your job.
  • It’s better to have two or three pairs of good shoes that will last long. Switch a couple of pairs during the week so that you could prolong its lifespan.
  • Use a shoe horn to slip your shoe on rather than jamming your foot into it.


Written By:
Hafsa Hilal




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