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NOLIMIT Created Fun Filled Memories On Children’s Day 2016 at National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka.

The leading fashion retail chain, NOLIMIT celebrated the Children’s Day on the 1st of October by partnering with the National Zoological Garden for the celebrations held on the special day.

This event was a part of NOLIMIT Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative ‘Aseemitha’ which goes beyond the boundaries of being a corporate entity, to become an institution that influences positive change in society through limitless passion.

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At the event, children received a very special welcome from popular cartoon mascots as they entered through the gates. They were then taken by surprise with a bunch of fun filled activities such as Face Painting, Bouncers, Magic Shows, Angry Bird Catapult, Mini Golf and Balloon Blowing games.

The main event of the day was the Art Competition where 2,500 kids participated. As these little minds unleashed their imagination and creativity, winners were presented with gifts to encourage them to pursue their talent further.

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NOLIMIT created wonderful memories for lots of young children who attended this exceptional event at a lovely outdoor environment. The innocence of children is what makes them enjoy the simplest of pleasures in life; whether it’s playing games with thousands of other little ones or clapping in joy while helium balloons are freed up into the sky. It was also an opportunity for parents and adults who accompanied the children to understand the importance of letting their children appreciate nature, play outdoors, express their creativity and make new friends.

NOLIMIT believes that there is no greater reward from a CSR endeavor than the joy in the sparkling eyes of little children.

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Mr. Raneez Sheriff, Marketing Manager of NOLIMIT said, “NOLIMIT is glad to be a part of this children’s day celebration for the third year. It was a great pleasure to watch these kids actively take part in the art competition and other games. Overall, it was a success and we achieved our goal of creating an enjoyable atmosphere for little ones to play, meet new friends and get closer to nature.”

The NOLIMIT culture revolves around sustainability and is responsible towards stakeholders, society, future generations and the environment. NOLIMIT is dedicated to maintaining close ties with local communities by organizing and contributing to events that have a positive impact on stakeholders. NOLIMIT also carries out several CSR projects focused on the wellbeing of children such as this event.



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